Friday, February 23, 2018

The ME Indie Music Jukebox February 21, 2018

Simply the best indie music of the week from the Middle East coming to you on the best Talk Radio station in the Middle East.

And this week we have a treat as Saffron Collins rocked by to share her latest single that has been released by Universal Music, really good and we had a chat with Saffron.

James, Saffron and Adam talking music.

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The Playlist.

Jay Wud ft. Anthony Touma - Evil In Me
Palayan - White
Hana Malhas_Nasi
Saffron FEAT Hoops - Chewed Up
Saffron_How's That
Adonis - Awwal W Jdeed (S. Gainsbourg cover)
The Bunny Tylers_It Seems It All Disappears

DIYRadio February 21, 2018

It is always a good night when Colin and Dan from join us in the studio to talk about home repair and maintenance.

Maybe you have no desire to fix stuff around the home BUT it sure is nice to know what is involved so when the repair guy comes in you can talk with authority and not get over billed or worse.

This is simply some of the best radio on the planet, the tool shed on radio.

This week it was all about he questions.

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The show notes.

Lots of Questions Have Come In.
Why screws are better than nails?- Dubai cement wall construction, ‘blast holes’, little chance of whatever you hang falling, easy of filling on removal. No need for major repairs & repainting.
‘I did it...i put my finger in a neked wire to  c if it has a current’- ARE YOU CRAZY! You could have killed yourself!! (AC Tech on roof etc.) Electrical tester pens are 5dhs!
‘The screws removing tools are called extractors, some people call them easy out’- Thanks- had a mind drain. Available in a set on for 49dhs & delivery
‘Can’t find crystal clear shrink tube anywhere in Dubai 1 inch diameter. Any suggestions on where I can find it? Thanks John’- Shrink tube used to cover an electrical wire join usually after soldering. Put the shrink tube over one of the wires BEFORE soldering, solder the 2 wires together (either place them parallel or a tidy twisted join), slide over shrink tube & use the soldering iron to shrink the tube so its tight over the joint. Clear shrink tube- no surprise its difficult as the shrinking process can leave small burn marks. Hence usually coloured. Souq- multipack for 15dhs PE Heat Shrink Tubing 2mm Dia-KT-1502
‘Do toilets have a 1 way valve or something to stop sewage odour from entering the villa? We are getting smell in our WC and wonder if there is a valve issue?’ U-bend is designed to keep water in the toilet forming a seal for air. Can ‘blowout’ if an air surge happens within the room pushing the water out. Same with sinks & showers. Flush toilets not regularly used every few days & run taps to make sure there is always water in the u-bends & bottle traps.
Our front door latch doesn’t line up to the fame, building happening in the area maybe the villa shifted, how do I fix this is there an easy way? Often caused by basis ‘settlement’ of a property often 2-5 years after construction. Easy way is a bit of a bodge- remove striker plate & using a chisel extend latch hole (usually downwards). Try closing the latch again to check you have no impediment & then re-mount the striker plate in the new position.
-Can we talk about AC issues, service- Next week! Big topic with lots to discuss.
‘we have ceiling fan outlets on the ceiling but no fans are they easy to install?’ Yes but… no but! If they are designed as ceiling fan outlets, it should be as easy as attaching a light fixture however often much more complex especially if there is a separate wall-mounted multi-speed controller which may require electrical rewiring. Flush-mounting a ceiling fan also not easy due to wiring etc.

TechTalk February 20, 2018

We are all drawn to technology whether we want to be or not, that phone you are using is jammed full of tech.

Every week Andrew Thomas drops in on Nightline to talk about what is going on in the world of technology and help us make sense of what we are being confronted by.

Those are 2 faces you can trust!

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And here are the notes with the links!

Little bits

Facial rec

Token ring

Hot wheels

Facebook speakers - alexa killer

Winter olympics

Check this out!

Another must have!

We need these!
Their $130 footwear contraption is called Turbo Jetts (with two T's). On one foot is an 80-watt, gear-driven motor with a battery capable of propelling you up to 10 miles per hour for 30 minutes. Its max weight limit is 176 pounds.
Turbo Jetts, unlike Heelys, fit over your sneakers. This is a big plus because — let's be real — Heelys were ugly AF. They were big and heavy and just made you look like a total dork (it's still debatable which was worse: Skechers or Heelys).

LG has a great idea, high light low energy screen!
Just because LG is shying away from typical smartphone release cyclesdoesn't mean it will have nothing big to show in 2018. Well-known leaker Evan Blass has heard that LG is planning to unveil a new flagship phone, nicknamed Judy. The star attraction, as with the G6, would be the display -- though not for the usual reasons like size or resolution. Judy would have a 6.1-inch, 18:9 ratio screen whose MLCD+ technology (which includes white sub-pixels) promises a high 800-nit brightness while consuming 35 percent less power than a typical IPS LCD panel. You could use the phone outside on a sunny day without killing your battery as quickly as usual.

This Cayola pen is cool it writes with melted crayons on anything

-I want this
Dart aircraft will ship in February, and is running a pre-order campaign for barebones (just the propeller module and two templates) and standard (wheels and Japanese aerobatic papers) kits that start at $29 and $37 respectively. Higher-priced packs offer additional modules and stands for your aeronautics-minded friends.
Most of the kits will arrive later in the month, although a few (including the standard Solo kit) might not ship until May.

Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP, this seems cool!
Google kicked its Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative up a notch and took its seat at the Stories table with today’s announcement of the launch of AMP Stories.
In the same vein as Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories, the new AMP Stories combine text, images, videos and graphics.
AMP stories were also developed with load speed in mind, much like mobile sites that already incorporate the Google AMP framework, as well as Facebook’s Instant Articles.
-mobile 1st
-tappable interactions
-works across devices

We will see…

CarClinic February 20, 2018

There is no question that one of the few things that we all own or strive to own is a car.

Once we own a car we are part of the club that invests, sometimes, huge amounts of money to keep those cars running.

Well, Glenn Power joins the show from GT Auto Centre to offer no nonsense advice on car repair and maintenance.

If we could drive a car into the studio we would!

This week we had some great questions about brakes and turbos.

And of course we had all those great questions about things you are not sure about in the middle.

As always a great show to learn about auto maintenance.

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And here are the notes to follow along!


-brakes Q from last night
-turbo Q from last night
-when they talk about engine displacement what are they, the auto shops talking about
-can a regular garage work on a hybrid engine?
-is it possible to install self dimming mirrors on any car they seem to be the new thing on cars
-how do I know if a master cylinder is failing
-get a low growling sound when turning the steering wheel what might be the issue
-how might air get in the brake master cylinder
-how do we know where to place the jack of a car?

-easy way to loosen tight lugs?